Our Kitchen Transformation: From Dark to White

I am so incredibly happy to be writing this post because it means my kitchen project is DONE!!  Okay, well not completely, but enough that I’ve cleaned up and am back to being able to cook without having to tiptoe around ladders, paint cans and project mess.

Before & After

As you can see, we took on the task of painting our dark, mahogany-stained cabinets white.  (To see the run-down of how we did the painting process, click here.)  Alas, I cannot pass off

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(Mostly) DIY Kitchen Cabinet Transformation: The Process

We recently changed our cabinets from a dark mahogany stain to a clean, crisp white.  You can see the reveal here.  If you want a walk through of how we did it, keep reading!

 Our kids were home for spring break and so what did we do?  Sand!  For a whole week! (Before you start feeling too sorry for them we did take a day and went to Six Flags for some family fun.)  First things first, we put them to work taking off hardware. I would love to post a photo of them hard at work, but as I was going through my photos I realized that they were working shirtless.  Boys!

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