Worst-Case Scenario Averted at 30,000 Feet

Last week I was sitting on a plane to Albuquerque with my youngest son next to me, my husband and oldest sitting a few rows away on the crowded 737.  We were on our way to Oregon where we met with our west coast family, several of whom drove up the coast from California for our long awaited family trip.  I had my head buried in a book when I heard the Lord speak:

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Free to Bloom


I was pruning my roses this morning when I noticed something amazing-a new branch, full of buds that had shot up just in the last couple of weeks.

So why would I think a rose bush growing (gasp) roses is an amazing feat?  You see, a couple of weeks ago I was pruning these same rose bushes when I discovered something disturbing hidden in the foliage.

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Faux Cabinet Feet

One of the little upgrades we did during our cabinet makeover was add faux feet.  We added the beautiful new header and crown molding as well as some extra trim, and the bottoms were needing something to dress them up.  My mother-in-law has done this to her cabinets before, usually adding bun feet, but after searching high and low for feet that would fit under my cabinets without having to make some serious modifications I came up empty-handed.  Then (too quickly) came the day we were scrambling to get everything ready for the painter (who was coming early the next morning), so I was out of time and options.  Time to get creative!

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