Leaning on Others

By Kendra Hunt
By Kendra Hunt

I recently had the unique opportunity to join forces with one of my very talented friends to organize a “Girls’ Night Out” Painting Night. My friend, Christy is a triple threat. She is a talented artist, a gifted teacher and a leader among women.

The school year was coming to an end and we went for our usual jog in Bear Creek Park. As group leaders at our church, we began anticipating the need for a fun event and/or reason in the summer for our friends to get together.   Continue reading


Craigslist Secretary Desk Makeover

I’m looking forward to sharing this project with you, since it is one of my favorites and the desk that I sit at while creating these blog posts!  About a year ago, I went out in search of a desk that fit in the nook you see below in my bedroom.  The trick was finding something that wasn’t too big, but also big enough to be practical (and also cheap!)  Usually I like less ornate, more modern furniture, but this one definitely checked Continue reading