Bugs and Bleed Through

I’m loving my new white kitchen, but I have a secret to share with you: my newly painted cabinets aren’t perfect.  I have tiny spots of bleed-through, a few drips here and there, and even a couple of spots where some bugs flew into the wet paint and left their mark!

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Do You Know Him?

So, do you know Him?  I thought I did.  For years I answered yes to this question, convincing others and convincing myself.

I grew up in church, hearing about Jesus every week.  He was my savior, of course he was!  I had answered the altar call, said the prayer, been baptized, lived a moral life.  I believed.

But one day many years ago when I felt helpless in my circumstances, wondering if this was all there was to life, I began to question my own faith.  Do I really KNOW Him?  Or do I just know ABOUT Him?

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French Blue Armoire Makeover Using Amy Howard One-Step Paint


It feels great to be back!  We had a lot of fun visiting friends and family on the west coast and in Austin this summer, spending time at the pool and getting our money’s worth from our Six Flags season passes.  I was a little sad when summer ended, I told my boys I wish we had two more weeks and they reminded me that’s what I said the end of last summer too!  I guess it never feels long enough.

The good news is, I love the fall.  It’s my favorite season; cooler weather, pumpkin everything and pretty colors, what’s not to love?  I’m also excited to share with you one of my projects from this summer, this beautiful French-Country armoire:

Amy Howard French Blue Makeover Before and After

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