Christmas is Here!

I can hardly believe Christmas is just a few days away.  I say that every year, and yet, here I am again!  How is it that Christmas can be so sneaky when it’s on display at Hobby Lobby starting in August?

Anyway, it’s here so I thought I would share a Christmassy project I did recently.  This one feels hard for me to share, because I haven’t painted an actual painting in FOREVER (aside from making paintings to teach during a party.  Doesn’t feel like the same thing.)

The painting on my MIL’s mantle

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When Change is Hard

Change can be beautiful.  The glowing red and orange leaves of autumn are proof of the beauty that comes with transition.


Change can also be hard.  Winter comes after the vibrant fall display, and trees go from being wrapped in fiery glory to bare and void of color.


I was reflecting on this during my jog yesterday, admiring God’s stunning display as I ran through the trees, and I felt Him speaking to my heart and acknowledging the struggles I’ve been having lately.  I am smack-dab in the middle of a season of transition and while I’m excited about the new season coming my way, right now I’m facing the letting go.

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