Christmas is Here!

I can hardly believe Christmas is just a few days away.  I say that every year, and yet, here I am again!  How is it that Christmas can be so sneaky when it’s on display at Hobby Lobby starting in August?

Anyway, it’s here so I thought I would share a Christmassy project I did recently.  This one feels hard for me to share, because I haven’t painted an actual painting in FOREVER (aside from making paintings to teach during a party.  Doesn’t feel like the same thing.)

The painting on my MIL’s mantle

My mother-in-law asked for a Christmas tree painting with a black background for her mantle.  I’m happy to do things like this, especially for her, because she is great-but I will confess the incredible pressure I felt with taking this project on!  My MIL is an extremely talented decorator, so this isn’t just any mantle.  It is decked out and the centerpiece of their kitchen/living/dining combination room, in the middle of their beautiful magazine-cover-ready home.

But I committed, so I jumped in and found a new fun product that made this project so much easier!  I picked up some modeling paste while grabbing green paint for the tree at Hobby Lobby, and I loved how it made it easy for me to achieve texture and make the paints more opaque.  I’ve always admired paintings with chunky texture and would try to do it with acrylic paint, but I just couldn’t duplicate the look-until now!

This stuff makes painting even more fun!

The Process:  (I apologize that I didn’t take any photos of the process.  I was on a mission and didn’t even think about it, until now!)   First, I started with painting the entire canvas black, then I took some watered-down paint to sketch in my tree shape.  I layered different greens for the branches, mixing it with the modeling paste to get some texture.  Then I added the star and decorations, and painted little dabs of yellow/white dots for lights.  I was tired at that point, so I put it away and a few days later painted the presents under the tree by sketching in the box shapes and filling them in, then adding bows.


Overall the painting turned out better than I expected, and my MIL is happy with it-so that’s a success!  I am excited to experiment with another painting to hang in my own home, where I can run with the textured look.  Thinking some painterly flowers with navy and turquoise, hopefully soon… 🙂

Merry Christmas!!



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