Meet Christy

3Z3A1657 cropped christy

Hi, I’m Christy, and I’ll be honest: having a blog wasn’t ever on my radar until God dropped the idea in my lap earlier this year.  I was leading a women’s group and our task was creating vision boards, forcing me to define what the desires of my heart actually are.  While blogging wasn’t on the list, writing, having authentic conversations, and sharing the hope and love of Christ were.

I also love to play around with paint, and I consider it a bonus to be able to share my fun painting projects on this blog too.  God has really knit these desires of mine together lately.  I’m learning all of my passions stem from my love of Him.

My heart for this site isn’t for this site to be about me.  I humbly hope that the words here will be a beacon of hope and light to someone that needs it, whether that’s simply a little inspiration for a project or an encouraging word for a difficult situation.

So welcome to my little blog, where I am growing with each post and project I take on.  Care to join me?




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