Christmas is Here!

I can hardly believe Christmas is just a few days away.  I say that every year, and yet, here I am again!  How is it that Christmas can be so sneaky when it’s on display at Hobby Lobby starting in August?

Anyway, it’s here so I thought I would share a Christmassy project I did recently.  This one feels hard for me to share, because I haven’t painted an actual painting in FOREVER (aside from making paintings to teach during a party.  Doesn’t feel like the same thing.)

The painting on my MIL’s mantle

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Upholstered Dining Chairs: Painting Fabric with Amy Howard Chalk Paint

Before and After text Lynn Chairs

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, and I finally got to do it this week!  A friend of mine had two upholstered chairs that she wanted restyled.  She had looked into reupholstery, slipcovers, and even getting new chairs when I mentioned that people are painting fabric with chalk paint.  She is a brave and gracious friend and excitedly asked if I would help her with this project, even after I confessed I had never painted fabric before.  So straight to YouTube I went, looking up the process and which brand works best.  After a little research I decided on Amy Howard for this project, since it seemed like people were able to do it in less time and with less coats than with Annie Sloan.

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French Blue Armoire Makeover Using Amy Howard One-Step Paint


It feels great to be back!  We had a lot of fun visiting friends and family on the west coast and in Austin this summer, spending time at the pool and getting our money’s worth from our Six Flags season passes.  I was a little sad when summer ended, I told my boys I wish we had two more weeks and they reminded me that’s what I said the end of last summer too!  I guess it never feels long enough.

The good news is, I love the fall.  It’s my favorite season; cooler weather, pumpkin everything and pretty colors, what’s not to love?  I’m also excited to share with you one of my projects from this summer, this beautiful French-Country armoire:

Amy Howard French Blue Makeover Before and After

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Faux Cabinet Feet

One of the little upgrades we did during our cabinet makeover was add faux feet.  We added the beautiful new header and crown molding as well as some extra trim, and the bottoms were needing something to dress them up.  My mother-in-law has done this to her cabinets before, usually adding bun feet, but after searching high and low for feet that would fit under my cabinets without having to make some serious modifications I came up empty-handed.  Then (too quickly) came the day we were scrambling to get everything ready for the painter (who was coming early the next morning), so I was out of time and options.  Time to get creative!

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Our Kitchen Transformation: From Dark to White

I am so incredibly happy to be writing this post because it means my kitchen project is DONE!!  Okay, well not completely, but enough that I’ve cleaned up and am back to being able to cook without having to tiptoe around ladders, paint cans and project mess.

Before & After

As you can see, we took on the task of painting our dark, mahogany-stained cabinets white.  (To see the run-down of how we did the painting process, click here.)  Alas, I cannot pass off

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(Mostly) DIY Kitchen Cabinet Transformation: The Process

We recently changed our cabinets from a dark mahogany stain to a clean, crisp white.  You can see the reveal here.  If you want a walk through of how we did it, keep reading!

 Our kids were home for spring break and so what did we do?  Sand!  For a whole week! (Before you start feeling too sorry for them we did take a day and went to Six Flags for some family fun.)  First things first, we put them to work taking off hardware. I would love to post a photo of them hard at work, but as I was going through my photos I realized that they were working shirtless.  Boys!

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